Dancor Acoustics firmly believes that good health and safety really is good business, and is our number one priority.

img_trainingWe ensure that everyone involved or affected by our works returns home safely at the end of each day – making health and safety measures a mutual objective for management and employees at all levels.

We also committed to supporting our clients through effective health and safety management, which continues to help us develop long lasting industry relationships.

Dancor Acoustics continues to lead the industry in developing safe systems of work that are practical on site, whilst not compromising the safety of our workforce.

In-house excellence
With our own in-house Health and Safety advisor and continual training of staff, we always exceed expectations and strive for what is excellent, not just adequate.

Our commitment to safety has largely contributed to the success of Dancor Acoustics, as we continue to plan, monitor and review our systems and processes.

If you would like further information on our health and safety processes, please contact us on 01329 843 071.